Diet Mania

The recent diet craze has reached epic proportions, and it is really having an effect on the culture. The other day I saw a local pizza chain advertising lo-carb pizzas. Subway restaurants (no, that’s another Jared) are now offering “subs” that look more like fajitas because they’re wrapped in a tortilla rather than a hoagie. I seriously think that at least 40% of the adults I know are either on or experimenting with Atkins, South Beach, or The Zone diets.

I think it’s rather humorous to see the market scamper to catch up with the latest dieting trends. Just a few years ago, fat was the culprit du jour—before that, sugar. Now that carbohydrates are killing us, all the green “fat-free” boxes in the grocery store attract a little less attention. If the color of fat-free was green, what will the color of low-carb become?

While I’m waiting, I think I’ll have some mashed potatoes…

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  1. Mr. Bridges,

    I have been to, and posted comments at, many weblogs since I started my own, back in the fall of 2002. I have seen the blog name “TruePravda” before, but this may be the first time that I’ve actually followed a link to your site. (I came here via the blogroll at Adrian Warnock’s UK Evangelical blog.)

    I haven’t looked around here much, but it looks like a nice site. I am glad that you are a Christian blogger. Keep up the good work.

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