Coke Addicts

I’m not talking about Cocaine, either. There’s another type of Coke addict—the Diet Coke addict. I’ve noticed this trend for a few years now. People who drink Diet Coke are fanatical about the beverage. Eric Gillin’s article, “The Cult of Diet Coke,” recognizes this addiction:

The high and mighty are addicted as well. Donald Trump wouldn’t be caught dead with a Trump Ice bottled water, preferring Diet Coke and nothing else. Harvey Weinstein, gruff and tumble head honcho of the Miramax empire, rides in a limo stocked with Diet Coke. John Edwards, failed presidential candidate, has been known to drink as many as 10 Diet Cokes while campaigning — a habit endorsed wholeheartedly by both of the Clintons.

I know people who can hardly function without a Diet Coke in the morning. There’s no such thing a casual Diet Coke drinker.

I wonder if the same substance that is in Milk Bone Dog Biscuits is in Diet Coke? The level of frenzy that dogs have over those things is similar to a Diet Coke addict’s cravings. Hmmm…

3 thoughts on “Coke Addicts”

  1. Notice that Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein are successful people….
    Maybe Diet Coke is the secret.

  2. My dog is addict to MilkBones. She talks to have some. I wonder if there is something like drug in those biscuits?

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