Old Computers

If you’ve ever tried to get rid of an old computer, you’ll know it can sometimes be a chore. Tunku Varadarajan has a hilarious article in the Wall Street Journal today chronicling his attempt to be dispose of his:

We bought the machine in 1998. Six years ago. I do not know anyone who has a six-year-old PC. Even schools in Malawi (I am told) have more up-to-date desktops.

I managed to get rid of my six-year old PC last year for $50. I was fortunate to even get that much. The funny thing is that I used to see ads posted around the seminary by people selling their old computers for $300 or so. They would read something like, “Packard Bell 486 with WordPerfect and all the bells and whistles, 14-inch monitor, and speakers. Paid $1,500, asking only $299.”

Their computers might have booted up by the time they figured out that nobody wanted their passe PC.