Celebrites Have a Hootenanny Over Killing Babies

Abortionists Gone Wild

The pro-abortion march in D.C. over the weekend featured many name-droppable names:

Ashley Judd, Allison Janney, Susan Sarandon and other Hollywood celebrities shared the stage later with politicians, diplomats and leaders of the pro-choice movement.

Holding a white hanger, Whoopi Goldberg told the crowd: “Never again will this be the choice of any woman in our hemisphere.”

“There is a war going on,” she said. “It’s not the war we see on TV. It’s a war on women.”

Whoopi and her kind weren’t the only ones marching for better tools with which to kill babies. The National Education Association—yes, the teachers unionwas there in support as well.

What’s startling is that if you look at the photos of the march, it looks like these people are having GREAT time. These are many of the same people why decry, “we are not for abortion, we’re just for a woman’s right to choose.” It’s quite eerie when there’s such revelry over a matter like abortion.

2 thoughts on “Celebrites Have a Hootenanny Over Killing Babies”

  1. I find it completely disgusting that the NEA was out in support of the rally, but it’s not terribly surprising! Needless to say, I stayed far, far away from downtown yesterday.

  2. Just took a moment to look through the pictures from Yahoo. It’s interesting–when the pro-life supporters have their protests, you see a lot more families, and especially a LOT of teenagers (and, not surprisingly I guess, more men). Seeing the teenagers and pre-teens marching for life gives me hope. The pro-abortion movement has some families, I’m sure, but the pro-life events here seem to draw a much wider demographic than last weekend’s protest did (if the pictures are any indication). Last weekend’s protesters also didn’t take all of their trash with them–as I leaned against the wall of a metro car this morning on my commute, I nearly got one of their left-behind NARAL stickers on my shirt. That would have been unfortunate.

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