Murderous Irony

This compendium of quotes from the abortion march is worth taking a look at. Consider what the Hollywood Square Whoopi Goldberg said:

Women are dying around the world from illegal abortions. We stand here, we’re marching, but let me explain something to you. As we stand, one woman is dying every six minutes. Now let’s do the math. Since we left at 10 a.m., thereabouts, over 30 women have died needlessly. Today alone, thirty women are dead because they got pregnant in the wrong country. That’s why we’re here.

Were it not for the subject, this would be laughable. It is tragic that so many women are dying as they break the law, but aren’t they countless millions who die while undergoing legal abortions that much more tragic?

Check out the whole thing for more nonsense from Ted Turner, Ashley Judd, and the like. [Via The Corner]

1 thought on “Murderous Irony”

  1. “Everybody makes a mistake”. It’s so disgusting that Whoopi labels a child as a “mistake”, just because that child happens to be the result of an unplanned pregnancy. Wow.

    I haven’t seen her new(?) sitcom, but I’m sure it’s far more deserving of that label.

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