Yet Again, the World’s Oldest Person Dies

I’ve written about this time and again. Something is afoot. Perhaps now the United Nations will step in and do something about this global problem of the world’s oldest people dying. The 114 year-old Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan has now passed on. This woman should surely watch out, now that she’ll probably the next of … Read more

Here Come the Privacy Police

Google’s forthcoming new email service, Gmail, has raised the ire of privacy advocates everywhere. They are concerned because Google’s service will feature targeted ads based on keywords used in the email messages. Google has indicated that no human eyes will ever see the contents of a message. However, this assurance is little comfort to some. … Read more

A Long, Long, Long, Long Time

Anybody remember the Marathon Bar, the candy that lasts a long, long, long, long time? It was a pretzel-looking chocolate candy bar that supposedly took all day to eat. I fondly remember getting them as a kid. Then, the candy bars started to disappear, never to be seen again. Fast forward to May 2004. I … Read more

Gore Names Bush as Prison Abuser

Al Gore, the has-been inventor of the internet (and everybody’s favorite pseudo-Tennessean), delivered today a speech for the MoveOn PAC in which he implies that President Bush was standing right beside Lynndie England and company at Abu Ghraib. A simpleton such as England couldn’t have thought to commit such atrocities on her own: Private Lynndie … Read more

John Kerry’s Campaign Spam

The censors at TruePravda are hard at work. My last entry just got a “comment” from a Kerry supporter on something completely unrelated to my post (Kerry’s energy plan). There’s one good thing about Movable Type 3.0: I can approve or delete each comment before it is published to the site. This one from the … Read more

Iraq and the Lessons of a “Sort of Free” Russia

As our eyes are on Iraq and transitioning a dictatorship into a democray of the people, two important writings of late have been looking at how things are going in Russia. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Andrew Higgins examines the fact that while the Russian free economy has improved, the free political scene has regressed … Read more

Bush Speech

I was a little disappointed with President Bush’s speech tonight, primarily because he really didn’t say anything new. Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed to be more of a “placate the Middle Eastern detractors” speech than anything. Nothing really bad, just not one of his best. I did like this line though: Iraqis will … Read more

The Dangers of Segmenting the Gospel

A common tendency of evangelicals is to zero in on one issue in theology, ministry, or cultural engagement, and devote an exhaustive amount of effort and energy toward this issue. Often, in the exuberance of addressing a particular soapbox or hobby horse, all other issues are neglected. What results is a lopsided Christianity that is … Read more

Summer Reading

I know summer is officially a month away, but in order to get the amount of reading I have planned completed (I never actually do), I thought I would get a head start. So, here’s what’s on the shelf… Currently opened and past the first chapter are Jackson Lears’ Something for Nothing: Luck in America, … Read more