Should Southern Baptists Retreat?

Matt Hall has a good post on the proposed resolution to urge all Southern Baptists to take their children out of public schools. Hall observes: My gut reaction is to simply condemn this with all the other fundamentalist retreat from culture – abandon the present system, create a separate “Christian” system, and be done with … Read more

A Mighty Fortress

I finished (finally) Roland Bainton’s Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther. The book was written in 1955, yet remains one of the most noteworthy English biographies of Luther. It is very readable, and is accessible even to someone without prior experience or knowledge of the 16th century reformer. I highly recommend the book. … Read more

New Revelations?

Add Ahmad Sadri and Mahmoud Sadri to the list of those who believe the absurd notion that American involvement in the Middle East is due to Christian pre-millenialism. By the way, Mister(s) Sadri, its Revelation (singular), not Revelations.

ABC’s Switcheroo

Drudge is reporting that the ABC network, the bastion of family values, has scheduled for the fall a new reality show called “The Swap.” The show is based on the British unscripted show called “Wife Swap.” Yes, this is for real: The title, which conjures up visions of a 1970s swingers party, is racier than … Read more

Advice From a Master

Martin Luther offered this advice to a discouraged preacher: If Peter and Paul were here, they would scold you because you wish right off to be as accomplished as they. Crawling is something, even if one is unable to walk. Do your best. If you cannot preach an hour, then preach a half an hour … Read more

Movable Type 3.0

This post will only be of interest to other bloggers or potential bloggers, but I thought I’d give a tech update on blogging software. I’ve installed Movable Type 3.0 (the free version). This is the first post I’ve made with the new version. The upgrade installation from 2.64 was pretty seamless and easy—no problems, and … Read more

Even Better Than an Instalaunch…

Yesterday morning, I noticed some strange things going on with TruePravda’s Sitemeter statistics. I was getting around the same number of visitors per hour yesterday as I did in a full day. All told 770 dropped by yesterday, which is a quite a jump from the average 45-50 visitors per day that TruePravda gets. What … Read more

McDonalds: The New Tobacco

Everybody needs a villain these days (as if Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden don’t fit the bill), and the latest villain on the American scene is McDonald’s. While McDonald’s has had a longtime villain on staff, the Hamburglar, the entire company has been portrayed often as the bad guy on the block. There’s the … Read more

Terrorism and Media Responsibility

The beheading of Nick Berg will undoubtedly cause the usual suspects to claim we had it coming, due to the Abu Ghraib abuses. This is, of course, a ridiculous comparison. If the terrorists wanted actual revenge, they could have stripped Berg and led him around by a leash. Tit for tat. Instead, these cowards took … Read more


Quick! Run to the pantry and get some aluminum foil to make yourself a hat (the aliens can’t read your thoughts that way…). That’s right, the Mexican Air Force has seen some UFOs, and they got it on video: The film, recorded by a plane looking for drugs trafficking near the Gulf of Mexico, shows … Read more