Movable Type 3.0

This post will only be of interest to other bloggers or potential bloggers, but I thought I’d give a tech update on blogging software. I’ve installed Movable Type 3.0 (the free version). This is the first post I’ve made with the new version. The upgrade installation from 2.64 was pretty seamless and easy—no problems, and everything worked (pending the successful publication of this post).

Aside from a minor freshening-up of the interface, there is not a lot different from 2.64. There are minor changes, like the ability to make an Atom feed, and of course, the changes in comment management, which I haven’t used that much.

I’ve been eyeing WordPress for quite a while, and I was waiting to see if MT 3.0 would have enough features to make me stay. The (simple) features I wanted were better text-formatting and an integrated sideblogging feature. These things can be improved in MT via plugins, but WordPress includes them with the app. As of now, there’s nothing really compelling to keep me using MT except the time it will take to learn WordPress. This doesn’t mean I’m switching for sure, but it does mean that MT 3.0 didn’t save the day for this blogger.

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  1. Looks like this WordPress is coming along. It won’t be long until it looks exactly the same as your MT site.

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