Pressed and Ready

I’ve now completed (for the most part) TruePravda’s migration to WordPress as its backbone content management system (CMS). I’ve formerly been using Movable Type, and though it’s been good, I think WordPress will be better.

It took me a while to get everything transferred over, but it was actually kind of fun to learn a new system—and a better one at that! There are still a few little enhancements to be made—like automatically redirecting my old archive links to the new WP links. If anybody knows how to do this from MT 3.0D, I’m all ears.

Also if anyone is subscribing via XML please note the changes (and new opportunities! over in the righthand column). More blogroll changes coming soon, but I thought I’d go ahead and launch for now.

1 thought on “Pressed and Ready”

  1. You will like WordPress. I have been using it for a long while now and love the ease of use. It is advisable that one knows a little about Linux, MySQL, and CSS style sheets for this makes the understanding of the mode and flow behind WordPress easier.

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