Kilroy Was Here: The Cowardice of Anonymity

I hate even to mention this, as it gives this person some unwarranted attention, but there is a certain commenter on this blog who keeps getting his comments deleted. Rather than give this person undue adulation, I’ll simply list some ways not to get your comments deleted:

1. Don’t use offensive language (yes, solely my discretion). The comment section is for civilized discussion. Enough said about that.

2. Don’t use bogus email addresses or hide under the name of your health insurance company. You can’t use spam as an excuse—the comments no longer publish your email address. If you have a web “handle” or blog name you go by, that’s fine—just leave a real email address or your own website. I won’t peddle your address to spammers, I promise. I just want to be sure you’re a real person rather than a robot.

If your opinion differs from mine, by all means comment and discuss. I welcome the interaction. If you are too scared to let your name be attached to your ideas, perhaps that should tell you something about your ideas…

Most all commenters here have been splendid, even among those who disagree. These have all given some indication of who they are. Their comments will remain. With regard to the anoymous commenter, I think it is rather fitting that an anonymous comment fades into anonymity.

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