Just Curious…

Is Bob Costas writing a book on the Olympics? Each time event coverage ends and we’re taken back to the acerbic Costas for his commentary on the athletes, there he is wielding his ink pen as if we’ve interrupted him his writing of a masterpiece. Don’t get me wrong—Costas has one of the best voices in the game, and he’s occaisionally interesting, but the whole thing with the pen seems a little Bob Dole-ish.

1 thought on “Just Curious…”

  1. Since the Olympics are evidently being broadcast LIVE each evening from 8-11 on Bob’s network, he is busy working and keeping himself up to date only to be interrupted each time they go to him for a comment or update. I am amazed at the intricate timing the Olympics coordinators have planned into these game, namely that Michael Phelps swims between each round of gymnastics.

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