Come Zell or High Water!

Zell Miller just took the nation to church better than a backwoods preacher. The Kerry campaign will surely be out to discredit Miller tomorrow, but I think that the Democrat Miller connects with the pulse of the nation better than any other in his party.

This speech will definitely stir the pot, but Miller is an angry man who makes sense—a dangerous combination for the Kerry campaign.

2 thoughts on “Come Zell or High Water!”

  1. Watching him last night, I was just glad he’s for us and not against us. One of the many Dems (there’s like a 20-1 them-us ratio here) at work today told me he thinks Miller’s speech will work against the Republicans, because it will energize more conservative Democrats. Yeah, I think it will energize them, possibly in the RIGHT direction.

  2. One more thing: I loved Tim Graham’s piece today on NRO about why the media finds Zell’s speech so outrageous.

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