Blogosphere Roundup

Here’s a few notable things happening in the blogosphere:

Joe Carter has some words for those who would be frightened at John Kerry’s allegations that the draft will be reinstated if Bush is re-elected.

John Bush is back from an extended blogging hiatus at Le Sabot Post-Moderne (only to leave again—but only for a couple of weeks!). I know of few other bloggers who can say so much in so few words., a “truck stop for the sould,” is a good resource for religion-related links. I just found it yesterday via an NRO article and looks pretty helpful.

One of the burly axe-swingers at The Rough Woodsman has a good thread on the whole sovereignty of God/human freedom issue. It’s a good primer on the question if you’re new to the debate—follow the comments especially.

And finally, the JollyBlogger has set up a “League of Reformed Bloggers” aggregator. It looks to be a good coalition, so if you’re a blogger and can agree to the guidelines, join up!

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