Alert: Christians in the Workplace!

Just on the heels of discovering that there are Christians in the White House, The New York Times Magazine has now discovered that there are Christians in America’s workforce as well—and some of them actually own businesses. Apparently this bizzare religion is cropping up everywhere—Russell Shorto writes of the Christians-in-the-workplace phenomenon: One of the movement’s … Read more

Onward November

Vols 43, Gamecocks 29 A rocky start that seems to be becoming a Tennessee tradition set the stage for a second-half Volunteer victory. While all the stats may show Erik Ainge as the hero, it was in fact the now-second string quarterback Brent Schaeffer, along with heroics by Cedric Houston that ignited the Tennessee offense … Read more

The Ick Factor

The new Nicole Kidman film, Birth, has audiences astir with ickiness. The film’s plot revolves around a 10 year-old boy who claims to be Kidman’s reincarnated dead husband. Naturally, Kidman’s character falls in love with the TEN YEAR-OLD BOY, and kisses him, has a bath with him, etc. Somehow this is supposed to be “high … Read more

Rocking the Vote

The always witty and eloquent Matt Labash on celebrity GOTV journalism: Celebrities have no idea that they make awful journalists. For the purpose of becoming a journalist is to explore the wider world. The purpose of becoming a celebrity is to explore yourself. Go read the entire article, “The New Know-Nothings” now.

Appearance as Reality: Poseurs Loose in America

In 2 Timothy 3, the Apostle Paul warns young Timothy of certain type of person who has the “appearance of godliness,” but denies its power. The appearance of these swindlers did not correspond to reality. Paul’s advice on how to deal with them? “Avoid such people,” he wrote. Much to the chagrin of evolutionary progressivists, … Read more

To Each His Own — Theology?

It’s more than understandable why African bishops in the Anglican Church would want to distance themselves from those in America and the rest of the world—where homosexual unions have been celebrated. The African bishops are uncomfortable with such practice in the church, and some are now seeking to develop a separate theology: The global Anglican … Read more

Elephants in Orange Country

Vols 17, Crimson Tide 13 Rivalries die hard in the South, and if in recent years the Tennessee–Alabama rivalry has dwindled, the past two years (and the ensuing controversies) have ratcheted it up to a new level. The third (or occasionaly fourth) Saturday in October is a time to throw season stats and win-loss records … Read more

How Much Do You Trust the Polls?

Jackson Lears on polling: By the 1930’s, opinion pollsters believed they had discovered a cohesive mass audience—“the American public”—and a modal personality type—“the average American.” Since many Americans shared the pollsters’ naive faith in numbers, they accepted social scientists’ statistical constructions as accurte descriptions of themselves. The desire to fit in reinforced the normative power … Read more

The Abortion Economy

Jason Steffens points out an op/ed from the Louisville Courier-Journal from last week pondering whether or not President Bush was indeed pro-life (I suppose I should read my city’s newspaper more often…). Glen Stassen, ethicist at Fuller Seminary, seems to think that President Bush has been bad for the pro-life movement because abrotions have increased … Read more