Please Do Not Discard

Credit Card Offers

In recent days, the mail that reaches our household has been full of one genre of snail mail: the credit card offer. The above stack consists solely of credit card offers collected in our box since the week of July 20. They’re all unopened, and in mint condition.

There are about 45 pieces (at $.37 ea, that’s over $15), most from the lovely town of Wilmington, DE. If we had accepted all the offers, our credit line could buy a new, full-time writer for TruePravda. Each envelope contains dated material, and demands to be opened immediately. Many are duplicates, but CitiBank leads the charge with 12 separate pieces.

Hmmm—I wonder how many I would get in a year…

2 thoughts on “Please Do Not Discard”

  1. I didn’t know you collected junk mail. I could gladly put you on the University of Kentucky mailing list. I think UK junk mail is worth more than the credit card junk mail (according to Beckett’s junk mail price guide). Say hi to Lori and Cooter for me and I feel for you in these last few weeks (hopefully days).

  2. Cooter? Could you be referring to Jim Bob Cooter, the 5th-string quarterback for the Tennessee Vols? He has a good chance of getting some playing time this year, as our QBs are dropping like flies.

    No thanks on the University of Kentucky mail. I have quite enough kindling as it is. Besides, I have high hopes for the value of CC junk mail. It’s not every day that you get an MBNA first edition “Time-sensitve material” envelope…

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