Re: Design

Welcome to version 3.0 of TruePravda! After staring at the three-column layout for eight months or so, I’ve decided to go back to two columns. I think the simplified layout is easier to read, less cluttered, and better looking. I’ll probably do a few touch-up enhancements, but overall I’m pretty satisfied.

I’ve extended the layout over more of the site. The navigation links at the top lead to all newly-styled pages. I’ve moved most of my non-blog links to the “links” page—so everything is still intact. I’ve also included a colophon to tell more about the technical aspects of the site and added an archive for the “On the Side” miniblog.

Anyway, I hope you like it. Feel free to leave feedback, and if you just can’t stand it, you can still read the three-column version here.

4 thoughts on “Re: Design”

  1. I’ll go with the crowd on this one, beautiful site! I considered a 2-tier change as well, but couldn’t decide what sidebar items were more expendable than others.

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