…U2’s new album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It’s better than All That You Can’t Leave Behind, but is it really better than Joshua Tree?

Probably not, but it is the type of album that grows on you the more you hear it. In what has been touted as “the most conspicuously Christian record U2 has released since October,” much is to be expected—and much is delivered. If not a Christian album per se, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is surely a theistic journey. The closing “Yahweh” is most obvious, but there are more veiled Judeo-Christian references as well. I finally realized after about the fifth listen that the song “All Because of You” was a song directed toward the Creator–“I AM.”

From a band that’s been all over the map spiritually, this is a move in the right direction. No, it doesn’t present a plan of salvation—but it is refreshing to hear a band acknowledge something other than themselves for once. For a thorough review, see Jeffrey Overstreet’s take.

5 thoughts on “Enjoying…”

  1. Ouch!

    If you want me to pour more salt on the wound, I bought mine last Tuesday at Circuit City for $8.99. I think that Itunes, etc, has forced them to lower their prices.

    Overstock seems notorious for delays—I’ve still got a book coming that was supposedly “in stock,” but in reality on backorder.

  2. I read an article in Spin magazine where they interviewed Bono and the rest of the band. It’s a little different take but interesting. You can read an excerpt from it here or pick up the magazine somewhere.

    It seems they love Apple, especially the iPod. Maybe they like the idea of iTunes forcing everybody else to lower prices.

  3. I have really been enjoying this album for the last week. I agree that this is definitely a big step for U2 back toward Christianity. It has taken a little while for some songs to grow on me, but “Yahweh” and “A Man and a Woman” took only once for me to love them. The last line of Yahweh is one of the best summaries for an album I have ever heard. Take this heart and make it break.

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