Even More Photos

By popular demand, and at risk of becoming well on my way to a “my kid is an honor student at x school” bumper sticker, I give you even more photos of our newborn son:






11 thoughts on “Even More Photos”

  1. Boy, that boy sure has good looking feet. Probably means that he’ll be a strong, strapping and athletic young man. He will most likely take after his maternal grandfather. Have you got him a ball and glove, football and basketball, definitely a basketball since he is a Kentuckian. He’ll probably join the other great Kentuckians, i.e. Lincoln, Boone, Macy, … I know I sure would be lucky to have a grandson like Cooper.

  2. All the fanfare…I’m sure when you have #4 there will be a mere email going out that reads, “#4 is here…it’s another boy.”

    What is the young one reading now?

  3. Baby is beautiful..I known ya!ll are all very happy..Congratulation…That boy looks like a Bama Fan!!!!!!! May God Bless Jerry

  4. Poor Sharon cannot have a girl in the family, huh? I guess David is the closest she will get! Congratulations!

    Bryan and Jody, Hunter and Parker.

  5. what a beautiful baby boy. who is sarge?what an annoying man who apparently has nothing better to do than admire other people’s grandchildren. i’m sure my brother would never be like sarge, as he is a reasonable man who wouldn’t go over-the-edge bragging on his grandson. i, however, am not above bragging about what a great job my niece did getting the little guy here & jared for being so supportive. janie (cooper’s GRRRRRRRRRRRReat Aunt)

  6. That is the absolute most adorable baby boy i have ever seen. I should know, I’m his grandaunt. Not GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT aunt like that other lady, but a GRAND Aunt. Probably his favorite too. ASK SCOTT.

  7. Congratulations – Cooper is beautiful. Yes, boys can be beautiful too! Hope everyone is doing great. Can’t believe someone is already mentioning # 4?

  8. The cutest, smartest baby in the whole world. Cooper–you are blessed to have an beautiful, exceptional, loving mother, (I am so to say she is my daughter) and a very kind, smart father who loves you very much, not to mention an extended family who cares so much about you…I am convinced that God brought your parents together, and you are part of his plan. Welcome to the world. Always love and kisses-Nana

  9. This little guy gets cuter by the day. I sure would like to get my hands on him. You know that I am jealous of Seester, don’t you. Love ya, Aunt Kathy

  10. It is obvious that the kid is going to be a two sport star but you have the wrong state. Tennessee is the place for young Cooper. P.S. You are all my favorite aunts.

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