My brother and I have been trying out Grouper, the new private file-sharing service. We’ve both been impressed. Grouper allows you to share files (much like Kazaa) over a private network with up to 30 members. Right now, we’ve got his computer, my home computer, and my work computer linked in a Grouper network. It’s fast, and comes with a decent chat client.

The good thing is that it’s legal to share music this way—Grouper doesn’t allow you to download music files. Instead it streams them from the host computer, which is legal. So far the streaming has worked pretty well for us. You can download other files like photos, docs, etc. Check it out—it may be the next “killer app”…

2 thoughts on “Grouper”

  1. It’s such a simple and great idea, not sure why something like this didn’t come out earlier!?

    I too have been playing with the grouper app. I am in several large groups and have access to tons of music and can easily share my videos with ease. I am really into taking video clips with my digital camera, Grouper allows me an easy way to share these videos without taking up tons of space on an ftp site or burning cd’s for each of my friends. With grouper, I just “share” my videos then let my friends download which videos they want. Nothing to upload…you share files straight from your computer’s hard drive.

    anyway, check it out, check it out!

  2. I’m sure digging it. Grouper’s allowed me to listen at work my gigantic core of music compiled from my CD’s stored on my home pc. I didn’t want to tote all those cd’s to work (I like my playlists, anyway) and sure did’t want to fill up my work pc hd with personal content. This has been a musical lifesaver for me.

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