March Showers Bring April Photos

It’s about that time for a new round of newborn photos to keep the relatives at bay, so here goes:

My two favorite people
My two favorite people.

In training
Push-ups: just part of the training.

Taking on the Sarge
Taking on the Sarge.

Conversing with Pops
Conversing with Pops.

Young buck eyes the prize.
A young buck eyes the prize.


4 thoughts on “March Showers Bring April Photos

  1. Hey!
    I saw Trish walking the neighborhood yesterday and she told me about this site. I’M SO GLAD SHE DID!!! What a cutie! I hope I can meet him sometime soon! I’d love to hear from you guys.

  2. Hello Bridges Family, I am friends with your wonderful mom TRISH!!! She is very special to me, I wanted to know all about Cooper, he is special as I can tell from the pictures, his gramdma is nuts about him. God bless you guys as you make decisions about your future.
    Sarah MaGee
    Cleveland, TN

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