We Like ‘Em Fast, and We Like ‘Em Orange

My alma mater has had great influence in the world of high-powered computers. I love news stories that open with paragraphs such as this:

Big orange and white cabinets that will form one of the world’s fastest supercomputers for open science research are arriving at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The high-performance units are part of a new Cray Corp. XT3 supercomputer, nicknamed “Jaguar,” that could be reaching record speed before year’s end.

Nine cabinets arrived Monday, bringing the total to 20, and there could be another 100 on the way in the months ahead.

The orange and white color scheme is no accident. They are the school colors of the University of Tennessee, which jointly manages the Department of Energy facility with Battelle Memorial Institute.

See—we Vols aren’t just about football.