The “H” Word

The weather is nice, and I’m going outside to play. Due to travel, other writing projects, the need for a brief blogging sabbatical, and the general busyness of life, TruePravda will be on hiatus from regular posting until June 6th. I’ve never really taken a break longer than a week since I started this two … Read more

Jane and Moby: Two Reasons Not to Go it Alone

One of my favorite songs of the past couple of years is Brad Paisley’s “Celebrity,” a mockingly humorous jab at the talentless-yet-notable crowd that makes up 90% of our entertainment culture. The chorus says:

Cause when you’re a celebrity
It’s adios reality

Sadly enough, this notion is especially true when it comes to celebrities and Christianity. Two recent celebrity expressions of Christianity—one by Jane Fonda, the other by Moby (who, in case you’re wondering, has nothing to do with the great white whale)—reveal such a detachment from reality.

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For Once, I Agree With the Democrats

According to the AP, it seems that the East Waynesville Baptist Church has dismissed nine members because they didn’t support President Bush in the 2005 election. This is, for lack of better words, stupid and wrong. The head of the North Carolina Democratic Party sharply criticized the pastor Friday, saying Chandler jeopardized his church’s tax-free … Read more

Around the ‘Sphere

And around the blogosphere we go… The blogosphere needs more savvy theologians blogging, and blogging they are. If the prolific Albert Mohler and the all-too-infrequent Russell Moore aren’t good enough for you, intelligent design expert William Dembski has joined the ranks of the pajamahadeen with his blog, Uncommon Descent. New Testament scholar Scot McKnight is … Read more

The Russian Inquisition

A story that has been floating beneath the radar which deserves a little more attention is that of an incident in Izhevsk, Russia a couple of weeks ago. Apparently a Pentecostal church was harrased by the local police force: Twenty masked special and plain clothes police raided an evening seminar on 14 April at the … Read more

Sherlock’s House?

Although I don’t watch a great deal of television, I’ll have to admit I’ve recently become addicted to Fox’s House. If you haven’t seen it (perhaps you’re one of those Amazing Race watchers), it’s about an eccentric-genius physician who solves medical mysteries that would stump the average M.D. Dr. House generally isn’t too fond of … Read more