Monkey Business

For a bit of levity (I laughed so hard I almost cried…), take a look at this article and its accompanying video [Windows Media]. The key quote is: “I can’t say as I ever regret . . . knowin’ a monkey.” Monkeys. Kentucky. Watch and laugh.

Shelby Knox and the Liberal Conversion

What happens when a “good Southern Baptist girl” from Texas begins to look beyond the narrowness of her upbringing and see the world for how it “really” is? A PBS documentary shows that cookie-cutter liberals are made, not born.

The Jeffersonian Bible, Microsoft Style

If there’s anything to say about Microsoft, it’s that they’re a team player. The Redman, Washington software giant is teaming up with the communist regime of the People’s Republic of China to offer a blogging service that is safe for commies everywhere: Chinese bloggers using a new Microsoft service to post messages titled “democracy,” “capitalism,” … Read more


I haven’t yet switched from Windows to Macintosh (I lack both the cultish desire and the money to re-purchase all my software for a new platform—not to mention a new machine), but I have been doing some switching in the software world. While I still use it extensively at work, I’ve almost completely moved away … Read more

Space for Space

John Derbyshire has a compelling article on the merits of the Space Shuttle program. His basic premise is that the program is the “folly of our age,” accomplishing little in light of the vast governmental expenses involved: There is no longer much pretense that shuttle flights in particular, or manned space flight in general, has … Read more

Politics and the Prophet

The pregnancy of Britney Spears and the trial of Michael Jackson notwithstanding, the hottest topic in the news today has to do with the intersection between politics and religion. Following the 2004 U.S. presidential election, the topic has become a “we’ve arrived!” bellwether for many people of faith—and a panic button for many secularists. Evangelicals … Read more

I’ve Converted

After 30 years on the outside, I have finally succumbed. Tonight I walked into the neighborhood coffee shop and bought, for the first time in my life, a cup of coffee. A “tea”–toatler and hot chocolate sipper for years, I never could acquire a taste for the dark bean. I had tried it with all … Read more

Around the ‘Sphere

Off we go… New to blogging, but certainly no stranger to sound thought and practice, is my good friend Tom Hicks. Tom is a Ph.D. student at SBTS whom I’ve told repeatedly that he should be blogging. It seems he’s finally listened. His blog, Foedus Gratiae, aptly begins with a stirring post on joy. I’ll … Read more