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New to blogging, but certainly no stranger to sound thought and practice, is my good friend Tom Hicks. Tom is a Ph.D. student at SBTS whom I’ve told repeatedly that he should be blogging. It seems he’s finally listened. His blog, Foedus Gratiae, aptly begins with a stirring post on joy.


I’ll have to admit I’m a bit rusty on my Latin, so when I was looking up the Foedus part of Tom’s blog title, I stumbled upon a wonderful new website: The Ancient Library. It’s a collection of online resources on the ancient world, including scans and transcriptions of classical dictionaries and other works. If your course of personal or academic study ever takes you to the ancient world (and it should!), be sure to bookmark this site.


I’m unsure if he would remember me—I’ve only met him once—but Steve McCoy has a relatively new blog that’s become quite active. Lots of thought-provoking fodder there.


Finally, the Discoshaman has ended the posting drought at Le Sabot Post-Moderne, and balance has been restored to the blogosphere.

UPDATE: Through a bit of savvy technorati sniffing, I’ve found that another old friend (a friend even though he’s an staunch Auburn fan!) has begun blogging. So, Mr. Slayton, whether you’re ready to public or not, here you go all Scattered and Covered.

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  1. Steve–It was at North Oldham a couple of years ago when you did a missions conference there. I think we have several mutual friends from there.

  2. Do you have a picture closer than 100 yards away on your blog? If I could see what you look like, it might help. 🙂

    Or you can just email me.

    pastorsteve [at] gmail [dot] com

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