Cooked Cajun Style

Vols 24, Tigers 28

Tough game against a gritty LSU team. The Vols lost this one the old fashioned way: they were outplayed. Do I think a healthy Erik Ainge would have made a difference? Yes. Do I think a healthy Ainge would have won the game? I doubt it.

To add insult to injury, it looks like three Tennessee players, including Arian Foster were arrested after a nightclub “altercation” early Sunday morning. If coach Fulmer doesn’t summarily dismiss these guys from the team, I’m officially withdrawing all support for the seasoned head coach. Not that my support is worth anything, but Fulmer is going to continue having problems like this unless he deals with it seriously.

I don’t care how good you are, the only time a criminal should wear an orange uniform is in prison.

2 thoughts on “Cooked Cajun Style”

  1. Tennessee Coach Philip Fulmer took a bold step on Monday as he suspended running back Arian Foster for the first half of the Arkansas game and the other two players (all three were arrested) for the entire game. He could have made an even bolder statement by suspending them from practice for the entire week. Coach Fulmer said that the players did not break curfew on Saturday night by being at a bar and underage drinking and being involved in an altercation and then being arrested because he did not have a curfew for his team on Saturday night. Hmm. 3 a.m. at a bar is ok then? I recall that before I started school at the University of Alabama that Coach Bear Bryant suspended Joe Willie Namath from playing in the Sugar Bowl for breaking curfew. Alabama eventually won the game with 4 field goals. Namath returned the next year to be a star. I do not believe that there are many Coach Bryants or General Neylands around anymore. Coach Fulmer should take a lesson from his esteemed predecessor (General Neyland) and show some discipline.

  2. No arguments here.

    Since the national media have already deemed David Cutcliffe as the only coach of any consequence at UT, I think we should give a new title to good ol’ Phil:

    Warden Fulmer

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