Lifestyle vs. Vocation

Feminism has certainly diminished (or has attempted to diminish) the position of the stay-at-home mother. Feminists have deplored those who give up careers to raise their children, as F. Carolyn Craglia has so vividly unpacked for us in Domestic Tranquility. But now it seems that in some circles the role of the stay-at-home mom has … Read more

The Passion about The Passion

Mel Gibson’s upcoming film about the passion of Christ is coming under intense scrutiny–and the controversy is not even about Gibson’s decision to do the film entirely in Latin and Aramaic. Gibson is being criticized that grusome crucifixion scene will stir up anti-Semitism. Why? Apparently it is because Jesus’ executioners are Jewish in the film. … Read more

Checkout Cover-up

This recent article is a rather humorous take on Wal-Mart’s recent decision to cover-up the covers to women’s magazines that are displayed in the store’s checkout lines. Hat’s off to Wal-Mart. Maybe now I can safely try to figure out what kind of breath strips to buy without having to find out 99 ways to … Read more

The News That Isn’t

Tonight I watched a little of the Dateline NBC special interview with the parents and sister of Laci Peterson, the California woman who was brutally murdered along with her unborn child last December. Katie Couric asked the usual inane questions of the family which mostly consisted of “How did you feel when _____________?” What is … Read more

Chicken Little

The Dixie Chicks appear to be at it again. The lead singer, Natalie Maines, wore a T-shirt with some less-than-subtle initials on it, apparently aimed at rival country singer Toby Keith (isn’t it funny how much country music is resembling professional wrestling these days?). The Chicks were again booed, which makes me think that may … Read more

“Reality” Check

As I was flipping through the channels tonight (this is the phrase people use when they don’t want to be embarrassed at what they were watching), I caught about 15 minutes of one of the new reality shows called For Love or Money. Apparently the formula of this show is that 15 women vie for … Read more

Rita Rudner and the Cultural Redemption

Because I don’t have cable television, channel surfing is not a sport in which I often participate. Today, though, I decided to turn on the black box as I was eating a quick lunch. What I saw amazed me. I happened upon a show called Ask Rita. The show is hosted by comedianne Rita Rudner … Read more