Death As Entertainment

The heretofore unknown band Hell on Earth (the band with a “heck” of a name) plans to include a suicide of a terminally ill patient at their next concert in St. Petersburg, FL. This report [linked via Joshua Hoover]said that although the St. Petersburg city council created a new law to stop such an event, … Read more

Courting Disaster

I finished reading last night an first-rate article by Leon Kass, a professor at the University of Chicago and the chairman of President Bush’s Council on Bioethics. The article is featured in The Public Interest and is available here. The article is entitled “The End of Courtship,” and is a very in-depth look at what … Read more

Play Time

Why are so many adults in our culture acting like children? This article explores this intresting new trend. Charles Colson comments on the article, noting that there is a difference between play as the primary goal of life, and play as an important aspect of how God created us. Though we should take time for … Read more

Freshman Orientation

This week marks the beginning of another school year for many–in my case, it’s the beginning of my final semester of seminary. As I was pondering the start of new school year–you know, buying crayons (with the sharpener on the box, of course), Trapper Keepers, and those dull scissors, I came across this article by … Read more

Day Careless?

There’s an excellent discussion on day care going on over at Mere Comments. David Mills posted regarding the article “Bring Back the Stay-At-Home Mom“, by Rich Lowry. This is such a firey topic that even I tremble a little and duck for the incoming arrows in agreeing that day care is not the answer to … Read more

Nuptial Sense, Cont’d.

Yes, I am continuing this adsurdly lengthy post only because I wanted to point you to Richard Nadler’s article while I was on the subject. Nadler deals with another instance of state devaluation of marriage–the abolition of laws against adultery. Read it–it’s well worth the time.

Nuptial Sense

There is much discussion these days, on the web and elsewhere, about the topic of so-called “gay marriage.” It is so-called because it doesn’t formally exist in the United States—yet. Heterosexuals have been reaping the benefits, financial and social, long enough, say the homosexual proponents. Why shouldn’t gays be allowed the same privileges as straights? … Read more

Addicted to Data?

The New York Times has an interesting article this week (provided that they didn’t just make it up…). The article is regarding the ever-present nature of communications technology in our lives today. The author writes: The ubiquity of technology in the lives of executives, other businesspeople and consumers has created a subculture of the Always … Read more

Guest Blog

Editor’s note: I thought it might be interesting to have a guest blog every once in a while, and today the perfect opportunity arose. My lovely wife Lori was passionately discussing what she heard on the John Ziegler radio show this morning, and I thought she might like to share it with TruePravda readers everywhere … Read more

Supreme Court Jester

I suppose it’s time to write something about the recent US Supreme Court decisions. The high court of the land has in the past week ruled in favor of affirmative action (state-sanctioned racism) and now has stuck down laws against sodomy. Regarding the affirmative action ruling, the court has sent minorities back a few steps … Read more