No Holtz Barred

Vols 23, Gamecocks 20 The Vols escaped Lou Holtz’s South Carolina team in overtime by the hair of their collective chinny-chin-chin last night. Save for punter Dustin Colquitt’s stellar performace, the Vols looked pretty sloppy. We play Auburn next week, and if things don’t shape up offensively we could be in real trouble. Then again, … Read more

Vols 24, Florida 10

A fitting end to Gator Hater Week! The Vols looked really good beating the Gators on their home turf–especially the defense. We’ve got a tough schedule ahead, but I feel much better about our team’s capability now. Gator Hater Week is now over, but you can still hate the Gators year round.

Gator Hating Abroad

As Gator Hater Week draws to a close (this doesn’t mean that you can’t hate the Gators year-round), I’d like to recount one of my favorite Gator hating memories. I wasn’t even in the country for this one. Gator hate knows no borders. In 1998, on my way to live in Belarus for a year, … Read more

Rain Games

In keeping with the spirit of Gator Hater Week, I’d like to share a few memories of Tennessee-Florida games. The first was in 1992 in Knoxville. I did not attend the game (I was a senior in high school at the time), but I was in west Knoxville at my great aunt’s house. I remember … Read more

Gator Hater Week

Hatred is a horrible thing. It eats at you, changes you, and makes you into a different person. That is why I love to hate the Florida Gators. I will not mince words here. I hate the Gators. I don’t simply dislike them–that would be far too tame a term to use. I realize there … Read more

Running Through the T

For those readers of you who are foreign to Tennessee football, a major tradition of each Tennesee home game is observed when the players enter the field at the beginnning of the game and run through a giant “T” formed by the band members. Tennessee manager Nick Trail got to run through the T last … Read more

The Post-Game

Tennessee 34, Marshall 24 Knoxville News-Sentinel columnist John Adams says: “The Vols still don’t look like an exceptional team. They do look like a team with exceptional athletes.” I tend to agree. The Vols looked good in places, but there needs to be a lot more cohesion as a team before they travel down to … Read more

No Skin Off His Nose

I love this! University of Tennessee football player Parys Haralson broke his nose in practice, went to the hospital that night, and showed up for practice the next morning. I think we’re going to have a great season!


HA HA HA HA! It looks like the Florida Gators football media guide has none other than a crocodile on the front cover! What a shame and embarassment. It’s amazing that they let schools like this into the SEC…