SPF 15 is worthless

I’m back from the windy and sunny South Carolina coastline. The sun was yellow, but my previously blinding-white skin is now quite pink. No more. From now on, it’s SPF 30+.

Travel Blog

For those few souls who read this blog, I am currently traveling, therefore you won’t be seeing much activity (of course, I’ve been in exams and writing papers since I started the blog, so there hasn’t been much activity anyway). I’ll be back soon, and I’ll have my Matrix Reloaded review up. I saw it … Read more

Kentucky Fried Brain

The Spring semester 2003 is now finished for me. What day is it? The last few have been a blur. It’s always difficult to accelerate to the frenetic pace of the last month of the semester, and then come to a sudden halt. But I suppose I will manage. Shouldn’t I be doing something?…


…from the Latin procrastinare, pro “forward” + crastinus “of to-morrow.” The etymology of the word says it all. So, due to lack of motivation to write my paper, I am putting off finishing until tomorrow. It seems after all these years of writing papers that I would learn my lesson. It seems that way, but … Read more

Not Quite Open For Business

Have you ever been to a store before the official opening time? It’s a little confusing sometimes. The people in the store are often ready and waiting to open, but the clock has not yet reached the “official” time, so you must stand waiting outside, and the shopkeepers will stand waiting inside. Well, you guessed … Read more