Dr. Russell Moore quotes a recent article from Touchstone magazine: Given the hard work that it takes to be a Christian man, it isn’t surprising that around the world every Sunday morning perpetual boys throng the golf courses, sleep off Saturday night, or otherwise occupy themselves with pleasures instead of worshiping their God in his … Read more

Truth Unfettered is Dangerous

William F. Buckley enters the fray over evangelical Christians in Iraq. Buckley, a Catholic, brings a rare level-headed response from a non-evangelical on the issue. If you’re not familiar with the discussion, it involves the question of whether or not Christian aid groups, such as Franklin Graham’s Samaratan’s Purse and others, should be allowed to … Read more

Rita Rudner and the Cultural Redemption

Because I don’t have cable television, channel surfing is not a sport in which I often participate. Today, though, I decided to turn on the black box as I was eating a quick lunch. What I saw amazed me. I happened upon a show called Ask Rita. The show is hosted by comedianne Rita Rudner … Read more