Episcopalians Happy and Sad

The Episcopal Church USA has finally succeeded in divorcing itself from anything Christian. Yesterday, an openly homosexual, divorced Gene Robinson was elected Bishop of New Hampshire. This decision is monumental, not because it gives gays the same chance as everyone else, but because is shows that the Episcopal Church USA has effectively said that character … Read more

Another Laugh

It’s a slippery slope, so this might actually be the next headline we see from the Episcopal Church, USA.

With or Against the Flow?

Michael Horton has an excellent piece (five-star, in my humble opinion) in this month’s Modern Reformation on postmodernism, and just what in the world are we to do with it. Horton writes: Postmodernism — or whatever one wishes to designate our brief moment in history — is the culture in which Sesame Street is considered … Read more

The Wages of Desegregation

I’m not quite sure what to think of this story. If it weren’t so absurd I’d be outraged, but the absurdity factor almost makes me want to dismiss it and laugh it off. However, the subject matter in this case is pretty serious, so I will take issue with the black Baptist pastor in Louisiana … Read more

A Different Language

If you’re a Christian, and even if you’re not, you need to read Marvin Olasky’s piece (registration req’d) in this week’s World Magazine. Olasky demonstrates an aspect of why the world has such a hard time when dealing with Christians: it’s because they don’t speak the same language. Almost everyone today is so ignorant of … Read more

Thin Skin & Absurdity

I’ll switch gears a little to discuss the yay-hoos who are suing their local Catholic church because a preist purportedly said that the deceased was headed to hell (a fact that is probably more common than not, though it is hardly ever said). Read the article here for the full story. The “offended” party is … Read more

Nuptial Sense

There is much discussion these days, on the web and elsewhere, about the topic of so-called “gay marriage.” It is so-called because it doesn’t formally exist in the United States—yet. Heterosexuals have been reaping the benefits, financial and social, long enough, say the homosexual proponents. Why shouldn’t gays be allowed the same privileges as straights? … Read more

Feelings, Cults and Hypnotic Foolery

It’s me, Jared, back at the helm. I hope you enjoyed and were provoked in your thoughts by my wife’s comments below. If any of you have something to say or just rant about, email me and I’ll consider giving you guest blog privileges. Speaking of guests, my wife and I had two rather interesting … Read more

Tennessee Church Terror?

If you haven’t yet read about the Maryville, TN church that is being sued for $2 million for an incident involving a “persecution simulation” event with their youth group, here is a good summary. After reading it, read the Maryville Daily Times article, which is more in-depth. First of all, it’s difficult to make a … Read more

Old Testament Grace

For those who think that the Old Testament of the Bible is about wrath, while the New Testament is about grace, Deuteronomy 9 stands to be reckoned with. Here the Israelites are on the brink of entering the promised land, and Moses is giving them the magnum opus of all sermons. What is more than … Read more