How to Un-Google yourself

Some people spend millions on search engine optimization (SEO), but sometimes disappearing from Google is desired. That’s where Wired‘s guide to Un-Googling yourself comes in: it’s SEO in reverse.

New evangelical blog at First Things

My friend Joe Carter, web editor for First Things, has begun a new evangelical group blog to which I’ve graciously been invited to participate. Besides being a razor-sharp thinker and writer, Joe has a unique gift for coalescing Christians in the internet “world.” His latest effort, Evangel, a group blog launching today written by a … Read more

The Roman Polanski case gets frantic

Much has been written about film director and child rapist Roman Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland. The reaction is a rather bizarre moment of agreement between both cultural conservatives and liberals who, by and large, agree that Polanski’s pending extradition is well-deserved. More bizarre is the small group of voices who are calling for Polanski’s release. … Read more

Washington D.C., where the killing is reasonable

Below is the front page headline of today’s Washington Times: That’s right: after 100 murders, you can breathe easy when visiting the nation’s capital. Think 100 is too high, or too low? Nonsense, says D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier: “Fewer than 100 homicides is reasonable,” Chief Lanier told The Washington Times. “We’re targeting for … Read more

The great humanitarian scandal

The current financial crisis elicits explanations, excuses, and blame from the full breadth of the political spectrum. There are no shortages of would-be saviors to our pallid pocketbooks, and none loom as large as government–sponsored humanitarianism. It’s a view in which the gap between the rich and poor, widened by the abuse of power, must … Read more

The changing meaning of hate

Swift on the heels of the new definition of tolerance, the meaning of hate is being slowly eroded by the tides of cultural abuse. Take, for example, this recent report in the San Francisco Chronicle (emphasis mine): In papers filed Thursday night in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office argued … Read more