Getting What You Pay For

I don’t know how many times I heard my mom say it when I was growing up; “You get what you pay for…” Well, consider me finally learned of this in respect to web hosting. I haven’t posted in a few days—and it’s not because I’ve been sleeping in on account of Daylight Savings Time. … Read more

Reading Required

I’ve written briefly on this before, but the importance of the written word to the Christian faith cannot be overstressed. Very helpful in adding stress to this point is a new WORLD magazine feature by Gene Edward Veith. In the article, Veith aptly defends the necessity of reading for Christians—after all, we are a people … Read more

Fall Back

For those of you in the United States, don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight. If you’re interested in finding out more about Daylight Savings Time, this website has a good history of the practice. I used to think that Daylight Savings Time was only an American practice, but when I lived … Read more

The Third Saturday in October

Vols 51, Crimson Tide 43 After 5 gut-wrenching overtimes, Tennessee defeated Alabama tonight to take the traditional third Saturday in October meeting. Neither team played especially well, but most importantly Tennessee played slightly better than Alabama. It always feels good to beat Alabama, and I feel that the old rivalry that has waned in the … Read more

The Iceman

There are men, and then there are men. No, I’m not talking about Casey Clausen, Tennessee’s rough-and-tumble quarterback sometimes called “the Iceman,” I’m talking about THE Iceman. It appears that The Iceman, an Icelandic fishing captain, caught a 660lb. shark with his bare hands, dragged it to shore, and killed it with a knife. All … Read more

Boykin’s “Blunder”

The furor over comments made by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin in speeches he made in churches regarding Islam shows just how ignorant many of our government officials are regarding religion. Boykin said things in the speeches to the effect that Muslims worship an idol and not a real God. Of course, the PC … Read more

The Box Cutter Boy

John Derbyshire has a pretty good idea about the guy who smuggled bags of box cutters onto two Southwest Airlines planes: I think the guy performed a valuable public service. In fact, in the spirit of Inspector Clouseau encouraging his valet to ambush him, by way of keeping him alert, I’d like to propose a … Read more

The Times & Post-Gender America

Russell Moore has good take on post-gender America as he examines the New York Times Style section. After wading through the mire of spouse roles, violent women, “metrosexuals,” and same-sex partnerships, Moore concludes: …this is one small section from one newspaper on one random Sunday morning. But there is much at stake here. The revolt … Read more

I Cannot…I Will Not…Recant!

Last night we went to see the film Luther, the new movie about the 16th Century reformer Martin Luther. It’s only playing in limited release, so we had to go to the old, run down cinema here in Louisville. Most of the kids in line behind us at the box office were there to see … Read more

Modern Flirting

An intriguing Washington Post feature laments the passing of the “good ol’ days” of the male-female flirtation game: In the spirit of gender equality, many a young woman has discarded the slow, subtle arts of flirtation and charm that females have used successfully on males for millennia, and replaced them with quick, direct strikes: punching … Read more