Something to Sleep On

A new study finds that sleep is essential for creativity: For the first time, scientists say they have proved what creative minds have known all along: that our sleeping brains continue working on problems that baffle us during the day, and that the right answer may come more easily after eight hours of rest. The … Read more

Books That Haunt: The Man Who Was Thursday

Each Tuesday, until I decide otherwise, TruePravda will feature a different book in the Books That Haunt series. If there was ever a more intriguing book title than G.K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, I have yet to find it. With the exception of Friday in Robinson Crusoe and Joe Friday in Dragnet, I … Read more

SOTU: A Question for Democrats

Overall, I thought it was a good speech. There are certainly none in the Democrats’ camp who would even take a stand on, much less talk about defending marriage in such strong terms as George W. Bush did tonight. However, my question for any Democrats who read this blog is in a different direction. Why … Read more

A Caucasian Caucus?

With all the buzz about tonight’s Iowa Caucus, I got to wondering where in the world the word caucus came from. Did it derive from caucasian, the term for white people? Probably not. One etymology for caucus gives this: Etymology uncertain. Mr. J. H. Trumbull finds the origin of caucus in the N. A. Indian … Read more

Sunday School With Jimmy

That’ll show those Southerners that Howard Dean is serious about religion. He didn’t just show up for the church service this morning—he went to SUNDAY SCHOOL! Yep, that’s right, Dr. Dean sat in on President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School class this morning in Plains, GA. Carter, in his usual wishy-washy style said that he wasn’t … Read more

Conspiracy Theories

I’ve always been fascinated by the phenomenon of conspiracy theories. I never watched the movie JFK, but I did take note of people’s reactions to the film, many of whom believed that the film was a factual documentary. Writing regarding the conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana’s death, Frank Furedi comments: Another important cultural pressure is … Read more

The Bible Code Strikes Again

The Russian newspaper Pravda is reporting that Elijah Ripson, who along with Michael Drosnin wrote the 1997 book, The Bible Code, has emerged with a new set of predictions that the Bible has given us: In his research, Ripson concludes that the upcoming year of 2006 will be the most dangerous in terms of terrorist … Read more

It Ain’t That Bad?

As David Mills of Mere Comments noted the other day, National Review does seem to be slipping a bit from being a strictly conservative magazine. Yesterday, NRO ran this absurd article in which the author, Catherine Seipp, (who incidentally writes for Penthouse magazine) rambles on about how Playboy magazine is not pornography and is not … Read more

Books That Haunt: Introduction

There are actually some people who think that fiction is a waste of time. Only books that have “real” meaning should be explored, they say, and the wistful realm of the ficticious is merely a chasing after idols. I am not one of those people. I believe that works of fiction—good works, mind you, can … Read more