I’ve made some changes to the site layout this weekend. After much internal debate, TruePravda has decided to go 3-column (cue the Jefferson’s theme “Mooovin on up…”). I’ve checked the layout in Firefox and IE 6.0 and it looks OK, but with CSS layouts, you never know. If things on the site look really convoluted in your browser, please let me know what browser/platfrom you’re using. Otherwise, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Cosmetics”

  1. Hey Bro,

    The layout looks nice. I see a few little problems when viewing it with IE 6.0 though. Some of the lines are cut off at the bottom. It’s strange though, when I scroll down past them and then scroll back up to them they’re fine but then others are cut off. I thought it might have to do with line height but the fact that it changes throws me off.

    Another thing is that the comments aren’t always showing up again. I have to highlight them with my mouse to read them. I don’t have a clue about that one either.

    I like that you left the archive and permalink layouts wide. That’s a lot better for someone who might print one of your entries.

    Anyway, nice work getting most of it to work in all the different browsers.

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