Unhappy Churchmen

The latest Barna poll finds that men are not satisfied with their church experiences: The study found that more than 85 percent of the men did not feel “spiritually challenged” and, when compared to similar studies involving women, men were less likely to take leadership roles at church or set spiritual goals. This isn’t surprising … Read more

Adoption as Entertainment

I remember when “20/20” was an investigative news show, the popularity of which spawned various copycats on the competing networks. Apparently investigative news no longer attracts viewers, judging from ABC’s decision to have the show host an adoption game-show tonight: Tonight ABC’s weekly news program “20/20” is to air Barbara Walters’s profile of Jessica, a … Read more

Two by Two, Looking for a Boat

First things first: I do believe that Noah’s Ark actually did exist. I believe the biblical account is an accurate historical record of the events surrounding the Genesis flood. I do not believe that Daniel McGivern and the other explorers on the upcoming expedition to find Noah’s Ark will find the vessel into which the … Read more

The Jesus Factor

PBS airs tonight what looks to be an interesting show on President Bush’s faith. It’s called “The Jesus Factor,” and is scheduled for 9pm EST. Here is an advance review from the New York Times. UPDATE: Apparently I’m on the verge of getting old. I wasn’t home, so I set my VCR to tape the … Read more

Books as Periodicals

I’m not one to read many of the political books that are floating around out there, liberal or conservative. I’m not referring to books about political theory so much as I am to the ones that pepper the current events shelves at the bookstores. There are the usual lopsided titles by Ann Coulter, Al Franken, … Read more

Murderous Irony

This compendium of quotes from the abortion march is worth taking a look at. Consider what the Hollywood Square Whoopi Goldberg said: Women are dying around the world from illegal abortions. We stand here, we’re marching, but let me explain something to you. As we stand, one woman is dying every six minutes. Now let’s … Read more

Celebrites Have a Hootenanny Over Killing Babies

The pro-abortion march in D.C. over the weekend featured many name-droppable names: Ashley Judd, Allison Janney, Susan Sarandon and other Hollywood celebrities shared the stage later with politicians, diplomats and leaders of the pro-choice movement. Holding a white hanger, Whoopi Goldberg told the crowd: “Never again will this be the choice of any woman in … Read more

One Year at the Blog

Sources today confirmed that the first entry to TruePravda was recorded one year ago today with this miniscule posting. Yes, it’s true. I’ve been at this a whole year. I remember when a year used to be a long time. I had no idea how frequently I would post, nor what I would post, but … Read more

The Lies That Catch You

USA Today star journalist Jack Kelly, who fabricated a number of the stories that he wrote for the paper, issued a statement via his lawyer: I have made a number of serious mistakes that violate the values that are most important to me as a person and as a journalist. I recognize that I cannot … Read more

Bush Gaining Ground

There is still a long road ahead for campaign 2004, but as recent polls have shown, President Bush is gaining ground on Kerry. Peggy Noonan says today in the Wall Street Journal that Bush’s weathering of the recent storms have shown people that he stays the course and says what he believes. On the other … Read more