Outing Osteen

Michael Spencer has written a firebrand of a post exposing the clearly un-Christian teachings of Joel Osteen, pastor of the 30,000 member Lakewood Church in Houston and author of the current bestselling self-help book, Your Best Life Now. I’m not too familiar with Osteen (other than seeing his Orel Hersheiser-like face staring at me every … Read more

Time’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals

Time Magazine’s lists its take on who are the 25 most influential evangelicals in America. They get much of it right, but there are some glaring omissions. It’s especially surprising that intellectual luminaries such as Albert Mohler and D. A. Carson were left off the list in lieu of non-evangelicals like Richard John Neuhaus and … Read more

A New Kind of Truman Show?

For moment—albeit a brief one—I wondered whether or not I was going overboard by posting several sets of photos of our newborn on this blog. After all, the youngster didn’t exactly give me permission to release his strikingly handsome mug to the world. Nevertheless, I published them without regret, hoping that he would later forgive … Read more

Kerry the Has-Been and Iraq

Sen. John Kerry’s comments on “Meet the Press” aren’t his first betrayal of Iraq’s new government by the people—his snubbing of Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi in September handily took that honor. The Senator’s continued pessimism toward a free Iraq betrays the fact that Kerry’s time as an influential in the politics of freedom has long … Read more

Vocation and the Church

Ken Myers highlights a needed area of improvement in the church: I meet many students who struggle with keeping their faith intact while in college. There are numerous ministries devoted to encouraging them in that struggle. That encouragement often takes the form of well-crafted arguments defending basic Christian beliefs, and these are obviously valuable resources. … Read more


I’ve already referenced it my “On the side” miniblog, but it’s worth mentioning again here. Christine Rosen’s essay in the latest issue of The New Atlantis, “The Age of Egocasting,” is a must-read. You’ll never look at your remote control the same again. Rosen delivers a probing critique of the way we have increasingly personalized … Read more

The Difference is in the Rightness

In his Inaugural address today, President Bush made a familiar-sounding pronouncement: So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. Why does this sound familiar? Because it echoes the … Read more

Books That Haunt: Lancelot

Each Tuesday, until I decide otherwise, TruePravda will feature a different book in the Books That Haunt series. You can view all posts from this series here. Walker Percy’s writing is ready-made to get under one’s skin, and Lancelot is no exception. Far removed from the Knights of the Round Table, Percy’s 1977 novel is … Read more