One Point Five

I just finished upgrading to WordPress 1.5 and it works beautifully (as far as I can tell…). If you have any problems, let me know—I’ve already been banned from the comment section once. All in all, the upgrades look very helpful. I’m anxious to poke around more and see all its expanded capabilities.

The upgrade was tedious, but not difficult. I followed this guide step-by-step and everything worked perfectly (I did have to reconfigure the comments area, but the guide indicated that this might be a problem). I configured my site layout into a WordPress theme and everything was ready to go. Congrats to the WordPress team on a job well done!

2 thoughts on “One Point Five”

  1. Doug,

    Thanks! I leave it up to early adopters like you to go through all the angst and frustration so guides like the one I used get written 😉

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