Free Books! (If you win)

Tim Challies of the eponymous is giving away Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology and Richard Ganz’s 20 Controversies That Almost Killed A Church. To enter the drawing for the books, sign up here before March 17th, 2005. Enter referral I.D. # 41225.

Starring Bill Moyers as Chicken Little

Bill Moyers is off his rocker. Newly retired from his journalistic career at PBS and other outlets, Moyers has been keeping the fires burning via a string of articles, speeches, and interviews all with basically the same point: fundamentalist Christians who think the rapture is coming soon have taken over the government and are eliminating … Read more

A Mystery Unshrouded?

Check out N.D. Wilson’s article, “Father Brown Fakes the Shroud,” describing his experiment to reproduce an image on a cloth in the manner of the Shroud of Turin. The conclusions are interesting but the methodology and creative thinking is even more facsinating. Hat Tip: J. Mark Bertrand

McCain-Feingold Comes To Blogging?

In an interview with CNET, FEC commissioner Bradley Smith discusses possible effects of impending internet regulation on bloggers. Smith notes that if bloggers reproduce any of a campaign’s material (think of the ubiquitous news feeds on blogs in the 2004 campaign), it could constitute a violation of Campaign Finance Law: If Congress doesn’t change … Read more

One Point Five

I just finished upgrading to WordPress 1.5 and it works beautifully (as far as I can tell…). If you have any problems, let me know—I’ve already been banned from the comment section once. All in all, the upgrades look very helpful. I’m anxious to poke around more and see all its expanded capabilities. The upgrade … Read more

Faith, Evidence, and Credibility

A recent Guardian article on the psychological/physiological nature of belief proves once more that the widespread understanding of faith is misunderstood: Faith has long been a puzzle for science, and it’s no surprise why. By definition, faith demands belief without a need for supporting evidence, a concept that could not be more opposed to the … Read more