Red Letter History

The ESV Bible blog has posted an interesting history of the use of “red-letter” editions of the Bible, in which the “words of Christ” are printed in red text to be set apart from the rest of Scripture. I wrote here about red-letter Bibles a couple of years ago, aguing against the practice. While the … Read more

Double Negatives

Setting aside for a moment the subject of the story, the mere wording of the headline of this article seems a bit ridiculous: “Clinton vows to block bill criminalizing illegal immigrants” Doesn’t the fact that we have to have a bill to criminalize illegal immigrants make our immigration situation seem all the more absurd? If … Read more


Contrary to what today’s front page might say, my project funds are doing just fine, thank you very much.

Hats Off To Honda

Dear Honda, When my 1993 Accord’s front end crumpled like tissue paper as I struck head-on the pickup that pulled out in front of me on Sunday, my hopes of taking the vehicle over the elusive 180,000 mile mark were summarily ruined. This was indeed a lofty goal, but I’d take a totaled vehicle any … Read more

Ronald H. Nash, R.I.P.

News is circulating about the death Friday of philosopher Ronald H. Nash. I had the privilege of taking two of Dr. Nash’s classes when I was in seminary: Introduction to Philosophy, and Worldview Analysis. He was by far one of the most memorable teachers I’ve ever had, and consequently one of the most effective — … Read more

They Just Won’t Leave it Behind

One Left Behind novel wasn’t enough, so the creators made about a dozen sequels and two movies. That wouldn’t do, so now there are at least two prequels on the market. What’s next, you ask? Newsweek reports that the Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game is due in the second half of this year: The … Read more

Bonds’ Stock Goes Down

It’s a sad day for baseball. On the heels of the news of Kirby Puckett’s death, what we’ve always suspected about Barry Bonds now seems to be overwhelmingly exposed. Bonds’ years of maniacal performance-enhancing drug use has now been exposed by San Francisco Chronicle reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams. Worse than the news that … Read more