Graceful in Graceland

Vols 41, Tigers 7 Well, the saying goes that a “W” is a “W,” any way you can take it. With this game it seemed like a “W” was a “Z.” As in sleep. As in “Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz.” In case you’re confused by all those end-of-the-alphabet letters, this was one of the most boring … Read more

Un-Herd of Football

Vols 33, Thundering Herd 7 I didn’t get to listen to the game last Saturday, but from all reports, the Thundering Herd of Marshall was only partly-cloudy. Did any of you Vol-faithful get to see or hear the game? Any new insights? Was this game as “good for us” as the loss to Florida was … Read more

English To You, But Greek To Him

Is the English Bible that much of a mystery that those not schooled in Koine Greek or Biblical Hebrew cannot understand it? That seems to be the impression that some give, including the pastor of the church my family visited last weekend. This pastor’s argument was that you couldn’t understand the following verse without knowing … Read more

Yes Men

This week’s Time cover story, “Does God Want You To Be Rich?” (on the prosperity gospel that’s so popular in America today), is very well done throughout, but the most telling part is this quote by Stephen Prothero: Indeed, a last-gasp resistance to this embrace of wealth and comfort can be observed in the current … Read more


Remember the old saying, “Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?” Heard on the street today: “Hey buddy, can you spare a dollar?”

The Eleventh

Riding by the Pentagon on the way to and from work lends a new weight to the Eleventh of September. While it pales in comparison to actually living through the events firsthand, there’s something about seeing that building on this day that’s heavy. Let us not forget.

Scare Force

Vols 31, Falcons 30 The Wild Blue Yonder was like a blitzkrieg for the Vols this evening. From what it sounded like (I listened to the radio broadcast), the Air Force ran a mighty efficient squadron. Erik Ainge had a good night, true to form, he still wasn’t perfect. Ainge has yet to have a … Read more

Celebrity, Mugshots, and Relief

William Weinbaum at has written a fascinating profile of former ace relief pitcher Jeff Reardon. Reardon, if you will remember, made the news a few months ago when he turned himself in after attempting to rob a shopping mall jewelry store. His mugshot showed only a remnant of what was once one of the … Read more

Capitol Bean Soup

Now that I’ve finally got internet service again (more on that later), and since Joe Carter has already outed me, I’ll let the four of you who still read this blog know that I’ve just started working as Web Editor for the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. I found out about the job via … Read more