Darwinism and good

Pulitzer Prize–winning author Marilynne Robinson captures well a dilemma that occurs within Darwinism: Surely we must assume that a biosphere generated out of any circumstances able to sustain life is as good as any other, that if we make a desert, for example, and the god of survival turns his countenance upon the lurkers and … Read more

Spies like us

It’s a cold war redux as the government of Belarus cries “spy”: Belarus on Monday accused the United States of recruiting citizens into a spy ring aimed at undermining the ex-Soviet republic. The U.S. State Department said the allegation was “just ridiculous” and that the department was considering whether to close its embassy in Minsk. … Read more

Hidden in plain sight?

From a front-page story in today’s Washington Post on Internet safety: Alan Portillo didn’t think much, if at all, about his online vulnerability. Then the 15-year-old heard technology teacher Wendy Maitland list three pieces of information an online predator would need to find him. Birth date, she said. Alan’s age was on his e-mail. Gender. … Read more

Horsing around

Saturday marks the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. For most of my life, I never paid much attention to it. I had watched it a few times on television, but never really understood its appeal — until I lived in Louisville, Kentucky for six years. The first spring I was there, I worked part … Read more

Also-ran for president: Jack Grimes

If you prefer a little more emperor in your 2008 presidential candidates, then Jack Grimes is your man. Grimes, who is the United Fascist Union’s candidate for ’08, lists as one of his priority issues to “establish a global government, similar to the Roman Empire built upon an Axis of economic trade to raise the … Read more