Around the ‘Sphere

A few places I’ve been surfing in the blogosphere:

J. Mark Bertrand has a thoughtful post on wisdom. He notes:

In the book of Proverbs, wisdom and folly are compared to archetypes of the feminine: the good girl and the bad. Folly is easy. She makes herself available. She throws herself at you and tells you the things you want to hear. And in the end, she’s worth the effort it took to get her. Wisdom is different. She must be courted. When you see wisdom as “the principal thing,” your own shortcomings come into focus. Like a lover longing for his beloved, you sense your inadequacy and yearn to become a better man than you are. You come to value the thing that can only be had through discipline and pursuit, the thing that must be earned.

Well put. Like any woman worth her salt, wisdom cannot be bought, stolen, or taken for granted—she must be wooed.

Discoshaman revives an old post entitled “Art and the Christian Ghetto,” where he aptly takes on sacred cows in the evangelical art world like Thomas Kinkade and Family Christian stores. For more on this see this old post of mine along with my paper, “Christian Kitsch and the Trivialization of God.” (PDF)

Nick Troester points to a new holiday, “International Eat an Animal for PETA Day.” I’m already planning my menu for the Ides of March…

Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends from around the ‘net:

Novel Additions: Fellow blogger and good friend Colby Willen has published his first novel, Dolor for Misdeeds, online at I read the novel some months ago, and I highly recommend it as an entertaining yarn with some thoughtful underpinnings.

Darth TaterMay the Spuds Be With You: Hasbro, the makers of the Mr. Potato Head line of toys, has announced its newest spudatomically correct product: Darth Tater. If you only knew the POWER of the dark spud…

Anonymity, or Not?: Paul Baxter has a thought-provoking post on anonymity and the internet. Baxter thoughtfully questions whether or not bloggers and the like should write under pseudonyms. I go back and forth on this issue. Part of me likes the fun of characters such as Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard” Saunders, but another part of me values the authenticity just being who you are. My name is really Jared Bridges. As far as you know…

Rather, or Not?: In case you missed it—and I did— has reproduced Saturday Night Live‘s parody of Dan Rather’s apology for the forged-document scandal. Side-splittingly funny.

Bloglines: I’ve known of its existence for a long while, but I’ve only started using this free, web-based RSS utility for a couple of weeks. I’m hooked. Oh how I wish all the blogs on my blogroll had an RSS feed…

Blogosphere Roundup

Here’s a few notable things happening in the blogosphere:

Joe Carter has some words for those who would be frightened at John Kerry’s allegations that the draft will be reinstated if Bush is re-elected.

John Bush is back from an extended blogging hiatus at Le Sabot Post-Moderne (only to leave again—but only for a couple of weeks!). I know of few other bloggers who can say so much in so few words., a “truck stop for the sould,” is a good resource for religion-related links. I just found it yesterday via an NRO article and looks pretty helpful.

One of the burly axe-swingers at The Rough Woodsman has a good thread on the whole sovereignty of God/human freedom issue. It’s a good primer on the question if you’re new to the debate—follow the comments especially.

And finally, the JollyBlogger has set up a “League of Reformed Bloggers” aggregator. It looks to be a good coalition, so if you’re a blogger and can agree to the guidelines, join up!

Weekend Roundup

Going three days without internet is good for the soul—once in a while. Being out of town, it took me until I got back to find out that Mike Tyson got KO’d in the fourth round in Louisville Friday night. I guess Iron Mike is a little rusty.

I also missed a theater screening of my favorite movie of all time, which Matt Hall did go see. This will not bode well for intra-city blog relations, as I am now extremely jealous. Snakes—why did it have to be snakes?

What else did I miss? My friend Colby Willen, who has always had a way with words, has finally started a blog about, well—words. It looks to be (and already is) quite interesting, given the fact that his choice medium for the discussion of words actually makes use of his subject. After you’ve racked your brain trying to figure out what I just said, click on over to his new blog.

Around the ‘Sphere

Here are a few interesting stops I’ve found in the blogosphere recently:

Rusty Lopez adroitly observes the selective ignorance of Ron Reagan when he expressed surprise that everyone thought he was talking about Bush in his not-so-veiled rant in the middle of his father’s funeral speech.

Jason Steffens, one of the few bloggers who have moved back to Blogger from Movable Type, examines an article sounding the call for Hollywood to return to Christian-themed entertainment.

Matt Hall reminds us about Theodore Beza, an oft-missed figure in Christian history—and follows up with an entry in the new wiki called Theopedia.

Around the Blogosphere…

Be sure to check out Daniel McConchie’s weblog, McConchie on Bioethics. It’s a frighteningly insightful blog covering the perils of technological amorality. This week he covers the implications of the mouse that was conceived and born without the use of a male, and the MRI readings that indicate political affiliation.

Matt Hall has moved from Blogspot to Movable Type—update your URLs to

Jason Steffens has a new addition to his family. Be sure to stop by and congratulate.

Jon Cronan has some breathtaking pics and commentary from his recent venture to Mt. Everest base camp. It’s climbing season, you know.

Theologian Peter Leithart has a very meaty blog that offers thoughtful insights on a wide range of topics. Be sure to have a look.