Sometimes the best way to critique a culture is to remove everything that is familiar and common within that culture, and then tell a story. Science fiction has done this for years to great success. The removal of the familiar can strip one’s eyes of cultural blinders, and allow the story to be more richly … Read more

Fountain of confusion

In order to give his film The Fountain longevity, director Darren Aronofsky reportedly refused to use CGI effects to create the beautiful, nebula-like atmosphere that serves as a the story’s backdrop. Aronofsky might as well have gone with the CGI. Taking its name from a reference to the mythical Fountain of Youth, the lifespan of … Read more

Bear Grylls Facts

I’m excited about the return tonight of the Discovery Channel series, “Man vs. Wild.” If you haven’t seen it, you should. Former British special forces adventurer-extraordinaire Bear Grylls parachutes into a remote location with only a knife, a flint, a water bottle (and a camera crew that refuses to give him aid). His goal is … Read more

DVD Roundup

Some DVDs I’ve watched since the beginning of the year: Stranger Than Fiction: It’s hard to take Will Ferrell seriously, and for some strange reason, that’s why this story works — seriously. A great philosophical film with laughs along the way. [7 out of 10] The Prestige: Any film directed by Christopher Nolan is worth … Read more

A Failed Flags of Our Fathers

There’s a scene early in Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers where, after landing upon Iwo Jima in an eerily quiet manner, the U.S. Marines peer into a dense fog and wonder to each other why they had been permitted to enter the island with such ease. The marines knew something was coming — they … Read more

LOST Channels Star Wars

I haven’t quite the intricate theories about the show as does the JollyBlogger, but I do have one simple observation to offer: Sawyer is Han Solo. And that is all I have to say.


Evil is most fearsome when it is encompassed in a person, and few persons throughout history have encompassed evil as well as Adolf Hitler. It is hard for most people to even conceive of someone like Hitler, but imagine trying to play him in a movie. When it comes to tyrants, most films go overboard … Read more

Katie Couric’s Connectedness

The “news” that Katie Couric will assume the mantle of Dan Rather as CBS’s chief newsreader is no more interesting than that age-old debate of whether or not a tree falling in the woods makes a sound. If no one is there, does anybody hear it? Considering the ads that run during the evening news, … Read more