Spies like us

It’s a cold war redux as the government of Belarus cries “spy”: Belarus on Monday accused the United States of recruiting citizens into a spy ring aimed at undermining the ex-Soviet republic. The U.S. State Department said the allegation was “just ridiculous” and that the department was considering whether to close its embassy in Minsk. … Read more

Also-ran for president: Jack Grimes

If you prefer a little more emperor in your 2008 presidential candidates, then Jack Grimes is your man. Grimes, who is the United Fascist Union’s candidate for ’08, lists as one of his priority issues to “establish a global government, similar to the Roman Empire built upon an Axis of economic trade to raise the … Read more

Politics and the Prophet

[Editor’s note: In light of today being Earth Day, I thought I would do my green duty and recycle a post from June 2005 that is remarkably still relevant today.] The pregnancy of Britney Spears and the trial of Michael Jackson notwithstanding, the hottest topic in the news today has to do with the intersection … Read more

Parade of the also-rans: Mike Gravel

What do you do when you get trounced by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries? If you’re Senator Mike Gravel, you see if you can beat them as an independent. What’s that you say? You forgot that the former senator from Alaska even ran as a Democrat? The next thing you’ll be … Read more

Politics and the Olympic Games

The news of protest and calls for boycotts (of various flavors) of the 2008 Olympic games raises the perennial question of whether or not politics should have any bearing upon sport. It’s really not a new issue at all. Think of the 1936 Nazi Olympics where Jesse Owens embarrassingly upset what was supposed to be … Read more

Parade of the also-rans: Cynthia McKinney

In a violent world, America needs a president who is ready to take on the enemy with their bare hands. Could Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney be the answer? The former U.S. Congresswoman from Georgia certainly has toughness in her background. Two years ago, she roughed up a Captiol police officer who accosted her for … Read more

Parade of the also-rans: Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey

Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey: Your Next President It has often been said that character is a necessary qualification in a candidate for president. With that, let it never be said that Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey isn’t a character. Sharkey is more than just an independent 2008 presidential candidate. In his own words: To some, The … Read more

Parade of the also-rans: the “who else” in who’s running for president

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain. No doubt you’ve heard these three names more often than you’d like, and from now until November there will be no shortage of frontrunner coverage. If you’re as dissatisfied with the current crop of candidates as am I, you might be wondering: isn’t there anybody else running? As it … Read more

The lesser of two evils?

“I’m just gonna vote for the lesser of two evils.” I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard that phrase from evangelical Christians in recent weeks. Usually this has been in the context of Mitt Romney and John McCain. There’s a great problem in the statement, and it has little to do with McCain … Read more

Super Tuesday Predictions

Since I missed my Super Bowl predictions, why not try something a little more safe, like Super Tuesday? I predict: My trash will be picked up D.C. traffic will be bad I will have at least two meetings at work Catholics everywhere will get fat And you thought I was going to say that John … Read more