“Moore” on the Court

Russell D. Moore has a new article on the Lawrence v. Texas decision that offers an interesting perspective: The gospel of gay liberation is everywhere—and it is increasingly adopted without question. For younger generations of Americans, a traditionalist view of marriage is the moral equivalent of a segregationist view of race relations. Legislation is important, … Read more

Guest Blog

Editor’s note: I thought it might be interesting to have a guest blog every once in a while, and today the perfect opportunity arose. My lovely wife Lori was passionately discussing what she heard on the John Ziegler radio show this morning, and I thought she might like to share it with TruePravda readers everywhere … Read more

2 Bad, 2 Foolish

Granted, I haven’t seen (nor will see) any of these movies, but what’s with the abundance of just plain bad movies this summer? Is Hollywood starving for creativity? I know, I know, it’s just a rhetorical question. Think about it though, why would anyone waste their time and $7.50 to see such fare as Charlie’s … Read more

Supreme Court Jester

I suppose it’s time to write something about the recent US Supreme Court decisions. The high court of the land has in the past week ruled in favor of affirmative action (state-sanctioned racism) and now has stuck down laws against sodomy. Regarding the affirmative action ruling, the court has sent minorities back a few steps … Read more

Lifestyle vs. Vocation

Feminism has certainly diminished (or has attempted to diminish) the position of the stay-at-home mother. Feminists have deplored those who give up careers to raise their children, as F. Carolyn Craglia has so vividly unpacked for us in Domestic Tranquility. But now it seems that in some circles the role of the stay-at-home mom has … Read more

Tennessee Church Terror?

If you haven’t yet read about the Maryville, TN church that is being sued for $2 million for an incident involving a “persecution simulation” event with their youth group, here is a good summary. After reading it, read the Maryville Daily Times article, which is more in-depth. First of all, it’s difficult to make a … Read more

The Passion about The Passion

Mel Gibson’s upcoming film about the passion of Christ is coming under intense scrutiny–and the controversy is not even about Gibson’s decision to do the film entirely in Latin and Aramaic. Gibson is being criticized that grusome crucifixion scene will stir up anti-Semitism. Why? Apparently it is because Jesus’ executioners are Jewish in the film. … Read more

Old Testament Grace

For those who think that the Old Testament of the Bible is about wrath, while the New Testament is about grace, Deuteronomy 9 stands to be reckoned with. Here the Israelites are on the brink of entering the promised land, and Moses is giving them the magnum opus of all sermons. What is more than … Read more


Dr. Russell Moore quotes a recent article from Touchstone magazine: Given the hard work that it takes to be a Christian man, it isn’t surprising that around the world every Sunday morning perpetual boys throng the golf courses, sleep off Saturday night, or otherwise occupy themselves with pleasures instead of worshiping their God in his … Read more

Checkout Cover-up

This recent article is a rather humorous take on Wal-Mart’s recent decision to cover-up the covers to women’s magazines that are displayed in the store’s checkout lines. Hat’s off to Wal-Mart. Maybe now I can safely try to figure out what kind of breath strips to buy without having to find out 99 ways to … Read more