Elect Local, Ask Global

Overall, tonight’s presidential debate revealed the positions of the two candidates clearly. Two very opposing viewpoints were made clear. In light of this, one might say it was a tie. In light of the content of the differences, I would say that it is a loss for Sen. Kerry. John Kerry is dangerous for America. … Read more

In the Arena

There’s something almost gladitorial about watching a debate. Think about it—two grown men sparring with each other, using ideas, words, guestures, and makeup as weapons. OK, the analogy does break down, but there is something that excites one’s spirits when viewing this phenomenon. Perhaps it’s watching the candidates sweat bullets when given a tough question—though … Read more

Proper Filtering

Albert Mohler has a great two-part essay [part one, part two] on “Christian Citizens and the News Media” that should be required reading before you next partake of the news. Mohler asks: The really important question is this: Are we any wiser? The explosion of media access has provided some real benefits for viewers. Competition … Read more

Trepid Homecoming

Vols 42, Bulldogs 17 The above photo is Erik Ainge’s third quarter pass to Bret Smith for a Tennessee touchdown. As you can see, this shot streched the limits of the 3x optical zoom on my camera (that’s the ball about 2m above Smith in the end zone). My brother, a man who knows how … Read more

Blogosphere Roundup

Here’s a few notable things happening in the blogosphere: Joe Carter has some words for those who would be frightened at John Kerry’s allegations that the draft will be reinstated if Bush is re-elected. John Bush is back from an extended blogging hiatus at Le Sabot Post-Moderne (only to leave again—but only for a couple … Read more

Pre-Game: UT v. La. Tech

The Vols take on the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs tomorrow at Neyland Stadium. The point spread is 23 at the moment, but I predict a 45-10 rout. The Bulldogs have 10 turnovers already this season, so they might be fortunate to score 10. I’m sure the Checkerboard will have a pre-game post up shortly.

Kerry and Our Allies

Although John Kerry portrays himself as the candidate who will restore America’s image in the world, he’s certainly not above disparaging our allies. Kerry’s dismissal of Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi’s statements in a speech to a joint session of Congress (which, of course, Sen. Kerry didn’t attend) is certainly not a “bridge builder” with allies … Read more

Shakier than Cafeteria Jello

Heh heh. Looks like somebody has got a Dan Rather quotes page up at the WikiQuote.org repository. Most of them appear to be from election night 2000. The most appropriate for these times: “If you’re disgusted with us, frankly I don’t blame ya.”

More Than A Ticket

David Wayne, a.k.a. the Jollyblogger, has posted a must-read on what “the gospel” really means. It’s a good corrective to the popular evangelical thinking that the gospel simply serves as a “ticket to heaven.” Go read it now.

An Instrument of Fire

When James says that the “tongue is a fire,” he means to show that what we say can cause catastrophic damage. Blogger Euguene Volokh points out one such catastrophe in recent comments made by Jimmy Swaggart. Swaggart, the televangelist who once fell from prominence after he was found with a prostitute, apparently made the following … Read more