Taking a Stand

It’s good to see some Episcopalians taking a stand against those trying to hijack their church. Hats off to them.

Wild Animals 3, Wild Humans 0

This is getting rather eerie. After the Sigfried & Roy incident, and the incident with the guy who was mauled by his pet tiger, it seems that two “Grizzly People” were outdone by the animals they were devoted to. Have you ever seen Day of the Animals, a movie where all the animals begin to … Read more

Character Witness

Albert Mohler writes today on character: Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of a candidate whose primary qualification for office is more rooted in charisma than in character. It is hard to imagine that California voters were shocked when accusations of lecherous behavior were leveled at Schwarzenegger. He has presented himself throughout his adult life as … Read more

Training Tips

David Brooks offers some tips for those running for President in 2004. Noteworthy among them is this: Don’t worry about respectable opinion. If you read the best newspapers and magazines in the country, you will get the impression that SUVs are decadent and McMansions are vulgar. But millions of Americans love SUVs and buy McMansions … Read more

Redneck Nation

The Door Magazine has an interview with Michael Graham, author of Redneck Nation. Graham’s book apparently covers how most of liberal America exhibits the same traits that they like to make fun of in rednecks from the South (all of us from the South ain’t rednecks, of course). Says Graham: Today, in the United States, … Read more

War Beagled

Vols 21, Tigers 28 The Vols were manhandled by Auburn yesterday, despite a heartbreaking comeback late in the game. Auburn is playing as well as anybody right now, and I expect we might see them again in the SEC championship game–pending we beat Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt.

Federal Please Call List

WASHINGTON, DC. Oct 3. Just three days after the federal No-Call list was put into effect, a group of telemarketers has proposed a bill to institute a federal “Please Call” list. The bill, which is spearheaded by Miss Cleo–the former psychic reader currently incarcerated for fraud, seeks to give people who want to be called … Read more

Sowell on Rush

Thomas Sowell has a superb article today on the Rush Limbaugh race flap. Sowell says: The question of the validity of what was said has already been lost in the shuffle. In a sense, that doesn’t matter. What matters enormously is whether or not people lose the freedom to say what they think. That loss … Read more

War Beagle

The Vols (4-0) play Auburn (2-2) tomorrow at Auburn, where the War Beagle lives. My father, a crimson-dyed-in-the-wool Alabama fan, says that when the toilet flushes, it goes all the way to Auburn. I hope the Tigers have used up their 2000 Flushes, because the Vols are ready to play.