It’s Economy, Stupid

No, there is not a misprint in the title of this post. The article (the) is missing for a reason. My recent post on the sayings of Howard Dean was commented upon with a misunderstanding that I think is common in America today. The commenter challenged my critique of Dean’s almost snobbish assessment of southerners … Read more

Hurricane Blackout

Vols 10, Hurricanes 6 There must have been a hurricane to cause the blackout that the Louisville ABC affiliate imposed upon the Tennessee-Miami game Saturday. I was primed to watch the game at noon yesterday when I turned on the television to see Ohio State taking the field against Michigan State. Yes, this is the … Read more

Integrity of Record

High-school quarterback Nate Haasis will not be the Illinois’ Central Big Eight Conference record holder for single-season passing yards, but he is a hero of record. Haasis found out that his coach made a deal with the opposing team to stand down a play so he could get the record. Instead of keeping quiet, thereby … Read more

Ignore the Issues

Howard Dean tells southerners not to base their vote on “race, guns, God and gays” [link via Drudge]. Does this guy really think he’s going to win any support with southerners by continuing to make statements like this? It’s like he’s saying people in the South are so backward that they don’t need to worry … Read more

Hats Off to the President!

Kudos to President Bush for signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. Of course, a federal judge (read modern-day lawmaker) blocked the law’s implememtation temporarily. I suppose he thought that some children who needed to be killed wouldn’t get a chance. Honestly, I don’t see why anyone would block this action. President Bush deserves much credit … Read more

Jesus, Mary and da Vinci

I caught most of ABC’s special, Jesus, Mary and da Vinci, and to be honest, it wasn’t all that interesting or even provocative. The show investigated the claim that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene, and Leonardo DaVinci was a member of a secret society that was meant to guard this devastating information. The show … Read more

Stylesheet Problems

Is anyone having a problem viewing the right-hand panel (if there is no panel with links to the right of these words, your answer would be yes)? If so, would you please email me at Be sure to list what browser/version/platform you are using. Some people are reporting problems viewing the site in Internet … Read more

Left Behind

This is where my wife went this weekend. She left me behind here in Louisville to study. There is no bitterness on my part, however. Why would I want to be in a place with a view like that?

Yearning for The Far Side

There’s a film out now called Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, which I have not seen, but it reminds me a bit of my favorite cartoon, “The Far Side.” “The Far Side,” by Gary Larson ran in syndication from 1980-1994. Even if you weren’t reading newspapers back then, if you’ve been … Read more

Winning Ugly

Vols 23, Blue Devils 6 It’s called “winning ugly,” and it is otherwise known as “Alabama football,” after Alabama’s tradition of winning games but not looking good while they’re doing it. The Tennessee Vols are definitely playing Alabama football, as they didn’t wake up until the late second half of the game today. At halftime … Read more