We of the human race love to pat ourselves on the back. Think about it. We have the Academy Awards, in which the Hollywood industry pats itself on the back, and countless other award venues like it. We write resumes that tout all our wonderful experiences, education, and qualifications. We who we write weblogs are … Read more

CCM Nausea

I don’t listen to contemporary Christian music (CCM) much. Mostly because there’s little there that’s different from secular music. I know there are exceptions, but for the most part CCM’s quality is poor (I could likewise argue that most top 40 songs and artists are lacking). Every once in a while, I’ll feel guilty that … Read more

Family Restrooms?

I’m all for “family values,” but this I’m not so sure about. While visiting a public restrrom this weekend, I noticed not two, but three choices: Men, Women, and Families. Now I love my family, but I sure as heck do not want to go to the bathroom with them. My wife suggests (and she’s … Read more

Weekend Potpourri Popery

Being the valiant romantic that I am, I took the missus to Cincinnati this Valentine’s weekend where we saw the exhibit, Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Nothing keeps the spark in your marriage going like a few Papal artifacts, eh? The exhibit had its ups … Read more

Disease or Morality?

Joe Carter has an excellent discussion on the “Disease Model” v. the “Moral Model” debate. It is alarming how often our theraputic society tries to downgrade sins into disease. When a person is merely “sick,” he or she is just a victim (see also my recent post on Monster).

Blogs You Should Be Reading

If you’ve never visited Jason Steffens’ blog, Antioch Road, take a few minutes to explore one of my favorite blogs. Steffens is an Iowa attorney who writes a very well-written blog on a variety of topics. He is especially good at keeping up with pro-life issues. Check him out. While I was searching for fellow … Read more

Playing the Campaign Game

While this Washington Times Op/Ed piece by a lieutenant who served with George W. Bush in the Air National Guard should put the issue to rest, it probably won’t. What is so interesting is that such tactics are being raised now. The opposition usually raises aruguments of this kind during September or October to sway … Read more


Mozilla Firefox 0.8 is out. No, is isn’t the Soviet plane that Clint Eastwood stole in the 1982 movie FireFox, it’s a web browser. Formerly known as Phoenix, and Firebird, I’ve been using this browser as my primary web browser for over a year. It’s faster, and has better features than Internet Explorer, and you … Read more